The Trail: Frontier Challenge Released On Steam

The Trail: Frontier Challenge Released On Steam

Well, this released a lot faster than we thought it would! The Trail, from developer 22Cans and publisher Kongregate, is officially out on Steam today for the PC and Mac.

It’s going for $13.49, which is a little expensive since the mobile version was free. It doesn’t seem like the game has any new features that the mobile version didn’t have. Which is disappointing to say the least, I had hoped they would add other ways to gain recipes and in-game money.

The Trail began its life on mobile devices, but keep in mind that if you’ve been playing it for a long time like me, they will definitely not be transferring your save to the Steam version.

The game also takes up a fair amount of room on your phone, so be careful where you store it. I made the mistake of transferring it to my SD card and losing my save file. I had to start all over again.

Nonetheless, it was worth it. The Trail is a game where you are a pioneer hiking your way across the country and various landscapes. If you’ve got the graphics cranked up to high quality, there are some very spectacular views in the game. Besides that, you’ll be collecting items to make specific items. This includes hunting with slingshots and cutting down trees with axes.

Once you finally make your way to Eden Falls, you can build a house for yourself. In that house you can store your stuff as you continue your journey. Now, it takes a very long time to get to the higher levels, at least for someone that can’t play for hours on end. But once you get there the game is more about who can travel the farthest and who has the bigger house. Depending on how much that matters to you, the game might not be very exciting.

I admit it was a lot of fun getting to the top, but the price tag on The Trail makes it not worth it to me. If nothing else, play it for free on mobile and do your best not to spend real life money on a puppy.


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