Arms Update 5.0 is the Game’s Final Major Update

Well, it was good while it lasted. Nintendo has confirmed today that with the release of Arms 5.0, the team at Nintendo EPD has finished providing content for the unique fighting game.

The latest update, much like the others before it, included quite a bit of content. It introduces a new fighter into the mix, and she seems like kind of a big deal.

She goes by the moniker of Dr. Coyle, and the villainess appears to be the final big bad of Arms. Sorry to all of you out there hoping for the inclusion of Biff or Dr. Yabuki. Dr. Coyle seems pretty legit though, and says herself that she’s “unstoppable” within today’s trailer.

As you watch the clip above, you’ll see the new Arms that Coyle brings into the game. They’re named the Lokjaw, the Parabola and the Brrchuk. The stage you see is known as [NAME REDACTED]. And that’s not an edit, the actual name of the stage is “[NAME REDACTED].” It certainly has a final boss vibe to it. And some gnarly obstacles in the forms of hanging test tubes that look similar to boxing heavy bags.

To get access to Dr. Coyle, you’ll need to play Grand Prix at level six or higher as anyone other than the new character. Nintendo has also modified the difficulty of Grand Prix for different classes of players. For those that play Grand Prix at level six or lower, the game will gradually build in difficulty as you go now. If you start Grand Prix at level seven, the game will default to strong computer opponent from the start.

Unfortunately for Arms fans, the final update marks the last big one from Nintendo. While the company will continue to release patch fixes and balances for the time being, there will no longer be any new features or characters added. The news was confirmed via the official Japanese Arms page.

Arms had a great run as a new I.P. for Nintendo. Albeit a short one. There’s probably not much doubt that we’ll be seeing the franchise continue down the line.