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Origami is fun, sure, but if you’re sick of making paper cranes, it’s time to learn how to make an origami dinosaur out of paper. In fact, the Dinosaur Origami: 20 Prehistoric Origami Projects with Paper Sheets to Get You Started Book by Fernando Gilgado Gomez will teach you how to fold 20 different dinos.

Within the book’s pages, you’ll find how to make your favorite origami paper dinosaur, including a brontosaurus, triceratops, T-Rex, Pterosauria, and more. This collection also curates fun facts that accompany each dino that is placed next to the step-by-step instructions.

Each “recipe” shows the entire folding process from start to finish in simple steps. The book also comes with 32 sheets of origami paper, so that you’ll be able to get started right away (no need to venture to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s).

DinoThe projects in this origami dinosaur book are challenging, but the results are well worth it, especially if you enjoy learning how to make a dinosaur out of paper.

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