Cool StuffBaby Yoda Doll — Available Now!

Baby Yoda Doll — Available Now!

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Price: $220

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Move aside, Gizmo. There’s another big-eared, adorable creature for people to ogle. This time, it comes from the Star Wars universe, specifically the first live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

You can bring Baby Yoda home and protect him from the galaxy’s worst fiends with this made-to-order Baby Yoda doll, created and sold by the MelvonANDRein Etsy shop. Each handmade doll captures the wide eyes and overwhelmingly cute features of Baby Yoda, who was first introduced in The Mandalorian.

Who the baby really is remains unknown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up to the tiny, green, Force-using creature and enjoy the softness of his fur. Well, artificial fur, when it comes to this intricate doll. His face, made from polymer clay, shows off wrinkles that remain true to the baby character.

The big-eared doll comes in a removable brown fabric to protect him from the elements. Beneath, he’s a fuzzy body of green that somehow makes him even more irresistibly cute. Bring only one home or an entire family, but be patient as each doll can take upwards of 10 weeks to handcraft.

Don’t just rewatch Baby Yoda’s scenes from The Mandalorian on Disney+. Bring the little tyke home and see what Force powers he has with this detailed baby doll. This is a Star Wars collectible piece that’s best put on display, but don’t be afraid to sit down and watch The Mandalorian with Baby Yoda at your side.

Never again will you feel more like a feared galactic bounty hunter than when you’re keeping a small, innocent Yoda safe from whatever perils threaten him. Don’t worry, though, he’s not completely helpless and he’s sure to lend a hand now and then when you need.

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