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If you’re looking for a high-quality set of dice to impress your tabletop gaming group, look no further than these two attractive 7-piece sets from Easy Roller Dice Co. These sets contain every die you could need for D&D (or whatever your game of choice happens to be), and come in an attractive leatherette display box with synthetic velvet liner and removable foam.

The Serpent’s Blood dice are cast molded with a zinc alloy and hand plated with a polished black nickel, giving them that gun metal appearance. The serpent green numbers stand out nicely against the metallic background, making them quite an attractive set of dice. The other set, as the name indicates, are finished with copper. Since both are plated, not painted, they will not chip with use like other dice can do. They’re super heavy-duty, and are sure to stand up to session after session of hardcore dungeon crawling.

Easy roller dice

I would advise caution, though — some of them are sharp enough that they feel as though they could potentially scratch your table. Of course, they are attractive enough that you may just choose to display them rather than actually playing with them. Personally, the Serpent’s Blood set is my favorite, but both look awesome.

They come in the standard 16MM, and each is hand-checked to ensure quality prior to delivery. In the event there is an issue, however, they offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (or they will replace the product at no cost to you).

Price: $44.00

Buy Easy Roller Dice here.

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