Cool StuffStar Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH

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The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH is quite the complex piece of technology. With the app, and with voice command, you can tell this little Stormtrooper robot to patrol a specific area. You can let it know if you have pets so that it doesn’t sound the alarm at the scurry of a cat or curious puppy. It will even auto-detect furniture inĀ its way.

The robot can recognize up to three faces with the “facial biometrics feature” and greet each with a custom response. The makers, Ubtech, do not mention what these interactions are or what kind of alarm it sounds at intruders. The latter is apparently customizable and will do whatever it is you choose for it to do. It is unclear if you choose from a variety of actions or if you can tell it something more specific.

The idea, it seems, is to do with the companion app that includes an augmented reality feature. With the Stormtrooper, you can play a game of some kind, where you direct the robot to fight with voice command and “launch attacks via the app.”

It seems to be somewhat teachable, as the product description states that you can “issue orders directly to your First Order Stormtrooper Robot to carry out your bidding.” Whether those orders are to do specifically with what is happening in the app, or if it can fetch a pen for you, is unclear.

It seems that the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot is for the true nerd in your household. If you can’t think who that is, it’s probably you. Robotics is always an exciting step in technology and having on in your home to show off to others is sure to start conversations.

Depending on your audience, of course. I would certainly like to know more about how this little guy works and what exactly it is that he does. If he can be a true security system, something enough to wake you up if your house has been broken into, then it may be a very useful tool.

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