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New Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Who are you gonna call? No, not to bust ghosts. To help keep you warm or help you win that dreaded annual ugly Christmas sweater contest you keep losing. The Ghostbusters may look stylish in their tan uniforms, but they sure can “ugly” things up with this incredible Ghostbusters Christmas sweater.

It may not be standard issue Ghostbusters attire and, therefore, not slime resistant, but it is a very busy sweater that no Ghostbusters fan will be able to deny. The center design is a holiday-inspired version of the iconic logo, with the red “NO” symbol replaced by a festive green wreath. 

Slimer and Stay Puft make their presence known in a repeated pattern along the midsection and sleeves of this colorful sweater. The Ghostbusters insignia pops in every so often along with the Ecto 1, just to round off the stylish design. Snowflakes, Zuul heads, a horizontal view of New York City, and drippings of slime really drive home the theme of the ugly Christmas sweater.

It may not protect you from getting slimed, but there’s a chance this sweater is so busy that ghosts will be distracted by it. The mix of reds, greens, and whites really helps drive home the Christmas theme while really staying true to the Ghostbusters design. 

The wrap-around knitted design should be packaged and wrapped underneath the tree of every Ghostbusters. Even if the rest of the sweater is a little too much for their style, that patch embroidery with red berries that pop against the leafy green wreath is a look that’s difficult to pass up on. 

If you do plan on wearing this sweater at an ugly Christmas sweater party in New York, you may want to check to see what Venkman is wearing. It definitely looks like something he would wear, especially on World of the Psychics.

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is a horror-loving gaming enthusiast who has a soft spot for Ghostbusters, bubble wrap, and kittens.

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