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Kuchi Kopi Backpack

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Even if Louise isn’t your favorite member of the Belcher family, you can’t deny the great humor and charisma she brings to the dinner table… and breakfast table, well every table. That unique combination of elementary schooler and complete sass-hole makes Louise an obvious fan favorite in Bob’s Burgers.

And what is more important to this bunny-eared snarky pants? Her faithful doodie buddy, partner-in-crime and literal light in the dark – of course, I am talking about her Kuchi Kopi night light. Need a reminder of Louise’s Kuchi Kopi fever dreams? Here you go – you’re welcome.

Now, you have the opportunity to carry your very own Kuchi Kopi Backpack around with you wherever you go. With a double zipper main compartment, you can rest assured that your valuables are safely secured inside your very own Kuchi Kopi.

features mesh pockets for water bottles and padded adjustable straps. A handle on top makes it easy to hang this bag out of the way or grab it in a hurry. A laptop/tablet pocket keeps your electronics safely stowed for all your adventures. The tablet pocket measures 10 inches long by 10 ½ inches tall but can be extended up to 19 inches when open. Total external dimensions measure 19” tall by 13” wide and 5” deep, so it’s a pretty sizable pack.

This bright green Kuchi Kopi Backpack is sure to catch the attention of passersby and may even help you make a new Bob’s Burgers fan friend! Don’t miss out, this super huggable collectible is sure to be a favorite.

As with all backpacks, Kuchi Kopis and plush collectibles, do not put this in the oven!

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