Cool StuffNew LEGO Overwatch Kits: Junkrat & Roadhog, Wrecking Ball

New LEGO Overwatch Kits: Junkrat & Roadhog, Wrecking Ball

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Love the first wave of LEGO Overwatch sets? So do we — and now, there are two more available in stores and online!

Smash through your home with two of Overwatchs Tank-class characters (and Junkrat) thanks to a collaboration between LEGO and Blizzard. Roadhog, Wrecking Ball, and Junkrat come storming onto the scene, bringing their signature brand of carnage in two separate LEGO sets that are as much fun to build as they are to look at.

The Junkertown LEGO Set is 380 pieces of mayhem and features Roadhog riding into Junkertown on his motorcycle. He doesn’t come alone, however, as Junkrat joins him on a sidecar, looking to add to the chaos. The detailed LEGO set comes with Minifigures of both Overwatch Heroes, with Roadhog scaled much larger than Junkrat (because, obviously).

Though he’s behind the wheel, Roadhog can’t wait to drag in his enemies with his signature hook while Junkrat promises explosions galore with his Frag Launcher. The deadly duo comes with a Junkertown display base full of dynamite, traps, a Pachimari (CUTE), and other elements from Overwatch.

The second LEGO set and comes in at 227 pieces and features Hammond aka Wrecking Ball, who is quite the contrast to Roadhog. Hammond may be quite a bit smaller than the shotgun-wielding Overwatch Agent, but he can cause quite a bit of damage with his signature wrecking ball. The small hamster peers from atop the completed ball-o-destruction, which can be displayed with weapons armed or as a rollable ball. Fold-out Quad Cannons and posable legs add to the authenticity of this officially licensed LEGO set.

Take to the arena with these three Overwatch heroes and move that payload to its destination — with some assembly required.

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