Cool StuffNyko Dualies Look to Be the Successor to Your Switch's Joy-Cons

Nyko Dualies Look to Be the Successor to Your Switch’s Joy-Cons

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With the launch of the fantastic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last week, you may find yourself in the market for some additional Switch controllers. Well, Nyko is here to help. The company’s Nyko Dualies are a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternatives that look to be more practical than what comes with the system itself.

Anyone that has a Switch knows that the most uncomfortable way to play any game is with a single Joy-Con. The Nyko Dualies looks to remedy that. Nyko states that their own take on Nintendo’s Joy-Cons features “accurate, multi-functional motion control “. And they also promise a product that sports “improved ergonomics providing a more comfortable grip”.

Nyko’s alternatives are a lot cheaper than Nintendo’s official Joy-Cons too. A single Nintendo Joy-Con typically runs for $49.99 at most outlets. But for $49.99, you get not one – but two Nyko Dualies in their package. And because you’re shopping via Amazon, Prime members can also expect that sweet, sweet free two-day shipping.

Just like the Nintendo Switch system and Pro Controller, the Nyko Dualies also support USB-C charging and comes included with a charging cable. If you’re ever in a bind, Nyko confirms that their packaged cable is completely safe to use to charge the Switch itself too. Which also means the Pro Controller would be supported as well.

It isn’t HD, but rumble is built into the Nyko Dualies. And the Joy-Con alternatives also sport detachable thumb caps so that you can customize the length and size of your analog sticks. The devices also feature a turbo button feature that can aid it mash ’em up games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Super Mario Party.

Nyko’s Joy-Con alternatives aren’t available yet though. The company expects to begin shipping them out in the first couple weeks of 2019. If you’re interested in expanding your Switch controller collection but not break the bank, check out Nyko’s solution here.

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