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R2D2 Star Wars Christmas Lights

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With November here, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and Christmas decorations. And for your nerdy Christmas decoration needs, we here at Nerd Much fully intend to shine some light on some cool stuff to buy for the holiday season. We’ve already showcased a Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater in our round-up of the 12 best nerdy Christmas sweaters this year, but now we’ve got another Star Wars-inspired Christmas product to showcase: R2D2 Christmas Lights.

The officially licensed R2D2 Star Wars Christmas Lights set has 10 lights that span 138 inches in length. Each of the light covers is crafted out of injection molded plastic to look like our favorite android, meaning that each light will glow white and blue. There are also Yoda lights available, but we think the R2D2 lights look better. They’ll make a perfect addition to your Christmas tree this year, and you’ll be able to keep them on display for parties or just for funsies throughout the year.

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