Cool StuffRick and Morty Looksee Box - Available Now!

Rick and Morty Looksee Box – Available Now!

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Price: $63.99 $49.99

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Give somebody the gift of intergalactic travel with the Rick and Morty Collection LookSee Collector’s Box from Toynk. Open up a world of unusual gadgets and gizmos with a collectible box full of Rick and Morty merchandise.

Pulled right out of the popular animated series, the contents of this LookSee Collectors Box range from awesome to even more awesome! Taste, smell, and enjoy your collection of Rick and Morty merchandise, selected to appease every fan of the zany and incredibly inappropriate animated show. There’s a lot to unpack with the LookSee Collectors Box, and there will be no shortage of gasps with each item you receive.

No, you won’t get your own personal Meeseeks to help you out, but you will get a Mr. Meeseeks embroidered beanie! Wear it while enjoying some booze (*ahem* coffee) out of your Scary Terry heat reactive coffee mug to start your day with two of the series’ most popular characters.

The LookSee Collectors Box also features a scented air freshener, printed with a graphic of Mr. Poopy Butthole. Don’t worry, it’s New Car Scent! Scary Terry makes another appearance in an embroidered patch featuring the conflicted, knife-fingered serial killer family-man. The collection is finished off with a Blips and Chitz keychain, a high-quality, metallic piece that will withstand your many portal jumps.

Once you’ve dove into your collection of Rick and Morty swag, there is one more thing to get a kick out of – the “Rick and Morty” themed storage box! Sure, you can’t wear it on your head, but the box is great for storing all of your “Ricky and Morty” merch or any of the souvenirs you grabbed while bouncing between universes.

With so much to enjoy in the Rick and Morty LookSee Collectors Box, it may be difficult deciding whether or not you should gift it or keep it for yourself.

Of course, the answer is to buy two.

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