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Settlers of Catan Wood Edition

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Just about every lover of board games has delved into the wonderful rabbit hole that is Settlers of Catan and its many expansions. We’ve spent days of our lives playing the epic board game, so much so that we’re, in fact, sick of looking at the same tiles. Now, there’s a stunning Settlers of Catan Wood Edition.

The Wood Edition uses laser cut tiles that have been taken and sanded from 1/8″ baltic birch wood. Each tile interlocks together. It comes with 4 wood hexes, 4 sheep hexes, 4 wheat hexes, 3 ore hexes, 3 brick hexes, 1 desert hex, 18 number tokens and 9 port tiles, just like the original edition. There is also the extended edition which adds 2 more of each commodity, 1 more desert hex, 28 added number tokens, and 2 more port tiles, allowing users to play with up to 6 people. What’s more, there’s a Seafarers expansion wooden pack available. Unfortunately, none of the wooden Catans come with any of the necessary roads, settlements or cities required to play the game, but if you already have the original Catan game, you’re set. It’s great for Christmas, too, so you might want to keep it in mind when you’re looking for nerdy gifts.

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