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Awesome Solar System Sidewalk Chalk

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Encourage a love for our solar system in even the youngest of minds with this awesome pack of Solar System Sidewalk Chalk.

Do you remember the days of sitting in the driveway, drawing with those boring sticks of neon chalk? Kids these days have it so good thanks to the creative minds behind solar system sidewalk chalk. Each of the 9 pieces of chalk is designed after one of our planetary neighbors – Pluto included.

Every piece of chalk stands out thanks to the mix of colors. The blue and white of Earth is a stark contrast from the shimmering gold of Jupiter or the deep red of Saturn. These colors weren’t chosen at random, either. The Solar System Sidewalk Chalk is a fun educational vessel as the colors represent the planet’s core, crust, and everything in between.

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Turn playtime into a learning session by talking about the different properties of each planet. What gives Earth its blue color? Why is Mars more of a reddish-orange? While you’re at it, help clear up that confusion NASA seems to be having with Pluto and explain to your kids why we can’t seem to decide if it’s a planet or not.

The only limitation is your own creativity when using this colorful pack of sidewalk chalk. Encourage kids to draw what they think the solar system looks like or let their imaginations run wild with whatever pops into their forming minds.

Solar System Sidewalk Chalk comes packaged in a space-themed box. Each piece of chalk is labeled with the respective planet name to further encourage an understanding of the solar system. Keep this playful package intact and use it to help memorize the different planets.

Great for classroom and at-home use, there’s a whole galaxy of opportunity packaged in this 9-pack of chalk.

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