Slash For Honor’s Price Before Next Week’s Launch

The face off between Samurai, Knights, and Vikings first up February 14 with the release of Ubisoft’s For Honor. If you’re on fence about picking up the new AAA title, there are discounts out there from various retailers. You’ll save at least 20% over paying full price.

On PC you have three authorized retailer options. The first is the largest, GMG who is selling keys at a 20% discount world wide. A good alternative if you live in Europe is GamesPlanet, also 20% off but they are selling non-North American keys only. A third option has the best discount, GamersGate worth 22% off making the Standard Edition as cheap as $46.79. Not bad.

PC For Honor Deals

For the Xbox One and PS4 consoles the discounts are bit more complicated with a paid membership being required, but you may already have it. Amazon Prime members get 20% off all games, though you will need to have their $100 a year membership. A cheaper alternative is Best Buy’s $30 for 2 years “Gamers Club Unlocked” program, which gets you 20% off pre-order and new titles. All editions of the game qualify.

Console For Honor Deals

If you need to try before you buy, starting February 9 there is a For Honor Open Beta coming for all platforms of the game. The Beta will go through February 13 and end just before the games launch.

If you pre-order For Honor you’ll be given the “Legacy Battle Pack” which grants you three unique outfits for your characters: Crusader Warden, Sea Snake Raider, and a Kabuki Kensei.

Standard v Deluxe v Gold

With the discount making the Deluxe Edition cheaper than full price for the Standard Edition, you may be considering upgrading your purchase. It does look tempting if you had planned to spend at least sixty bucks anyway, but is it worth it?

The Deluxe Edition of the game will get you several bonuses. These are mostly cosmetic but also includes 7 days of “Chamption Status” which is a more slavage from dismatling, 25% XP boost, 3 exclusive champion emblems, more end match loot an exclusive champion icon, and a 10% xp boost for others. Deluxe includes:

  • Special Execution Sunbeam Effect
  • 3 Unique Helmet Crests
  • Deluxe Edition Emblem
  • 7 days of Champion Status

The Gold Edition gets you everything in Deluxe and the games Season Pass. Some of the Season Pass content does go live on February 14, but the 6 new warriors will not be available until later this year.</p.

  • 30 Days of Chamption Status
  • 3 Scavenger Creates
  • Sunbeam Emotes for all 12 warriors
  • 6 New Warriors with outfits
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