FTL: Faster Than Light Studio Announces Next Game

The creators of FTL: Faster Than Light, Subset Games, have announced their new project, Into the Breach. With a beautiful trailer, the studio shows off the pixelated turn-based strategy game in all its glory. Into the Breach is set when “the remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth.”

As the player, “you must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge.”

In the game, you defend your city against the Vek on said randomly generated board, a new challenge per session. You can collect new weapons and customize your mechs as you win your battles. However if you lose, you must “send help back through time to save another timeline.”

The game will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Subset Games has not yet given a date, but the developers have mentioned that it will launch “when we feel it’s ready” on their website. For those interested, keep track of the studio’s Twitter and take a look at the screen shots below. In addition, there’s a lovely video that plays the soundtrack to the new game also posted on the website.

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