Robot Inventor Might Be The Next Overwatch Hero

Under the name of Atlas News, the fictional news network within the Overwatch world, Blizzard has posted an equally fictional interview with Efi Oladele. According to the post, the character has “built a resume of impressive achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, but perhaps most remarkably is that she’s done all of this by the age of eleven.”Robot Inventor Might Be The Next Overwatch Hero

Now, the last time we saw Atlas News, Blizzard gave us a little background information on Sombra and the politics of the Overwatch world. So this fictional interview is definitely hinting at something, though it’s a little confusing what it might be. The running theory has been that Oladele will be the next Overwatch hero and using robots in some way, like D. Va. What gives it away, is when the 11 year old prodigy is asked how she got into robots:

Well, I’ve always been interested. After my mom and dad got me my first robotics kit, I became obsessed with putting together little drones. When I started to get good at it, I tried to build robots to do my chores and help around the house. My parents think it’s cheating… It’s no fair! (laughs)

I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great.

And when asked what she’s going to do with the grant money, she stated that “Oh… I have an idea…” and “it’s a secret for now…” All implying that maybe Oladele either be building the next Big Hero 6, or a wicked robotic combat solider for the battlefield. It could also be a healthy combination of both, but we’ll have to wait and see what other hints Blizzard drops before we know for sure.

What do you think of Oladele? Does she seem like the perfect prodigy to add to the Overwatch team? Let us know in the comments below!


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