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**Update 9/27/16: Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign Trailer added, and it’s absolutely incredible.

**Update 9/19/16: Battlefield 1 PC Specs have been revealed…and they’re not too bad, at all!

The hype for Battlefield 1 is now at an all-time high, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal from DICE since we originally found out that the game was in development. Later today, the curtain has been lifted, and we’ve already been given some juicy details about what to expect from Battlefield 2016, thanks to a few leaks (including one from Microsoft on the Xbox One dashboard).

Maybe it’s just us, but Battlefield 5 (which we now know is actually called Battlefield 1) seems much more relevant now that we’ve found out about the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and its sci-fi setting. The potential for EA to steal former CoD fans away from Activision to bring them to the Battlefield franchise is at an all-time high, since there is such a great deal of backlash regarding the sci-fi setting of Infinite Warfare. We won’t take sides, but that needed to be pointed out.

We’re getting closer and closer to the Battlefield 1 release, and after its many alphas and betas, we’re more excited than ever for the upcoming shooter. It could very well be that the entire experience ends up being a complete dud, but the initial opinions and buzz, at least, are mostly favorable.

At least for now, here’s everything we know about Battlefield 1, including multiplayer details, confirmed weapons, platforms, and the release date:

Battlefield 1
Another Shinobi leak. You rock, sir.

Battlefield 1 Trailer

Expect many more additions to the list of the latest game trailers soon, given the fact that the game releases next month and there will be a strong marketing push in the coming weeks.

Setting and Locations

Just rumors for now until the stream later on today, but it’s apparently set in WW1. With the mention of “Harlem Hellfighters” via a pre-order bonus right on the cover, we can go ahead and assume it’s a WW1 game. (Watch this history video about who the Harlem Hellfighters were). Apparently, it will be set in an alternate history, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Battlefield 1 is set on an epic scale, and will take us to various fronts around the globe.


The goal of developing the campaign was to add more of a variety of vehicles and variety of gameplay. Also, you’ll follow the stories of 7 different soldiers and how the world changes around them during war. You won’t play as one protagonist, but you’ll play as seven soldiers from across various viewpoints. It definitely sounds like an interesting concept, but let’s hope these characters are actually memorable.

They’re officially calling the idea War Stories, and each story will focus on a different protagonist with unique backgrounds and skills. The stories will be about people rather than the history side of it all or the battles, themselves.


We recently learned that Battlefield 1 will have a server browser, thanks to an inquisitive person on Twitter.

“There will be customization options.” Sorry, that’s all we have right now.


DICE has confirmed the following vehicles for the upcoming game: “bomber planes, tanks, light tanks, heavy tanks, ships, horses (yes you can ride them), and much more.”




The game is currently slated for release on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

There’s no word on a Battlefield 1 Xbox 360 or PS3 port just yet, but we’re going to assume that it’s not going to happen.

We’re hopeful that the game will make its way to whatever Nintendo’s next console may be, but there’s no word on whether or not there will be a Battlefield 1 NX, but as of right now, we’re assuming that it won’t be happening, since B1 comes out in the Fall and the Nintendo NX release date isn’t until March 2017.

We also know that EA Access players WILL be able to play it earlier on Xbox One than anyone else.

Battlefield 1 Release Date

The Battlefield 1 release date is currently slated for Fall 2016, and it’ll go up against Infinite Warfare (and the Modern Warfare Remaster). Its worldwide release date is set for October 21, 2016. Xbox One owners will get it October 18, and EA Access members even earlier than that.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

EA and DICE have announced that the Battefield 1 Open Beta will begin on August 31st on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Origin. Players will need to sign up as an Insider and choose their platform before August 21st to ensure that they’ll receive early access to the beta.

The beta will feature two mode, Conquest and Rush, on the Sinai Desert map. The map is playable up to 64 players and it includes a controllable Armored Train behemoth, ridable horses, and three new Elite Classes, including Tank Hunter, Flame Trooper, and Sentry.

Battlefield 1 DLC and Premium Pass Details

EA and DICE have unveiled the Battlefield 1 DLC and Premium pass details. According to a press release, the Premium Pass will set you back $49.99, and it will include four DLC packs, two of which have been announced. Players will also gain access to new operations, game modes, elite classes, and vehicles, as well as an additional 16 multiplayer maps, 20 weapons, 14 dog tags, and 14 Battlepacks. Premium Pass buyers will also get two weeks of early access to the multiplayer maps, undoubtedly giving them a competitive advantage compared to those who don’t have the pass.

DLC Pack 1: They Shall Not Pass / French Army (March 2017)

DLC Pack 2: Russian Empire

DLC Pack 3: TBA

DLC Pack 4: TBA

We’ll add more details about each DLC as we learn more.

Battlefield 1 Preorder Details and Bonuses

You’ll soon be able to preorder Battlefield 5 with Amazon Prime for 20% off your purchase. We don’t know what bonuses are available just yet, aside from the Hellfighter Pack that will include themed items inspired by the heroic harlem hellfighter infantry regiment, but we’ll update this section when we know more.

Pre-order the Deluxe Edition.

Battlefield 1 Gameplay

We’ll add Battlefield 1 gameplay videos to this section as we get them. And now that the game has officially been announced, expect gameplay soon, with a gameplay blowout at E3 2016.


System Requirements

The Battlefield 1 system requirements for PC were released this morning, and thanks to GameSpot, we have those details below.


  • Windows 64-Bit
  • i5-6600K or FX-6350 or above
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • At least 2GB Radeon HD 7850 orNvidia GeForce GTX 660


  • Windows 64-Bit
  • i704790 or FX-8350 (with Wraith cooler)
  • 16GB RAM
  • RX 480 4GB or GTX 1060 3GB

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