Rumor: Scorpio Might Debut Next Week

Oh my, it looks like Microsoft might not be waiting for E3 to announce the Scorpio. According to quite a few hints from various folks that are a part of the Microsoft pantheon, like Phil Spencer, have tweeted and clearly stated that there will be an announcement to do with the Scorpio next week.Rumor: Scorpio Might Debut Next Week

After a slew of rumors over the weekend, to do with what games will be on the Scorpio (namely Forza Horizon 7), and that the dev kit is already out for the console.

All have been unconfirmed, including this one mentioned by Windows Central and a very vague statement from Phil Spencer. Windows Central states that a “major gaming outlet” will be receiving the Scorpio’s tech specs.

Phil Spencer tweeted, in response to a question concerning the rumors, that “we are very happy with what we are seeing from [first party] and [third party], you’ll hear more soon. Sorry for the wait.”

These are not the most coherent of rumors, but essentially the rumors started with Windows Central, and was echoed a few other news outlets, and then someone asked Spencer about it, whom responded in his usual underhanded manner.

What I can parse from Spencer, is that the Scorpio might be having a mini-debut like the PS4 Pro did, so that Microsoft can see what the response will be from us hardcore gamer folk.

E3, of course, will be the big one, especially since the event has been opened to the public this year, so plenty of people who may not know about the Scorpio will be seeing it for the first time.

A hefty grain of salt. Let us know what you think of these rumors in the comments below.


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