Persona 5 Streaming Could Mean Suspension For Posters

It wasn’t long ago that the developers of Persona 5, Atlus, announced that players would not be able to share screenshots or gameplay via the PS4 share button.Persona 5 Streaming Extremely Limited By Developers

This came from a concern that some players would unintentionally spoil the story for new players. It seems, however, that Atlus is willing to take this all the way to the end.

Atlus has announced that you can no longer stream the game unless you adhere to a very strict protocol. Some of the most significant of which are 90 minutes long, and no major story spoilers, like the end of each palace segment or the end of a boss fight. Or even particular characters.

If Atlus deems this rules violated in any way, the streamer or poster could have their videos claimed or at worse accounts suspended indefinitely.

The list goes on and it certainly gets quite extreme. Atlus does mention that Persona 5 is unique in these spoiler protections, and that these policies are still evolving.

I assume this means that circumstances will change in the future, perhaps when the game is not as new.

But still, this is nearing the kind of extreme Nintendo goes to in order to protect their IP. Though in this case, it’s for the sake of spoilers? I find this odd, because there are some gamers who prefer to have the story spoiled for them before they decide to play a game.

Or some folk, like me, who much prefer to watch someone else play such a lengthy game and retain the ability to skip parts that I might deem boring or unnecessary.

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