Xbox Scorpio: Its Official Name Shouldn’t Contain ‘Xbox One’

If you follow video game news as closely as we do here at Nerd Much?, you’ll know that the biggest story of the week is the Xbox Scorpio’s spec reveal this morning over at Digital Foundry.Project Scorpio name

There are a few takeaways and opinions we have from hearing the official hardware specs, and we’re going to get into all of them over the next couple of days. But today, one key takeaway that became clear is that the Xbox Scorpio’s official name should not contain “Xbox One”.

Many are expecting the official name for the Scorpio to be something along the lines of Xbox One Pro, or more likely and fitting for the Xbox brand, the Xbox One Elite. But with the specs being revealed this morning, I think the console is too powerful to not be something else.

Giving Project Scorpio an official name that contains Xbox One in it is going to muddy the waters a bit, diluting what is allegedly supposed to make this console appealing in the first place. If potential buyers see something like Xbox One Elite on retail shelves, they’re just going to assume that it’s the best version of the Xbox One; they would, of course, be right in that assumption. But in naming it “Xbox One Elite”, Microsoft would also be suggesting that, at its heart, it’s still an Xbox One.

Xbox one elite

And, that would be an unfortunate message for the Xbox team to deliver when the console looks to be much more formidable than just that. Not only would it likely sell less consoles (after all, how many Xbox One iterations do we really need before we all hold hands around the world), but it would also not allow Microsoft to sell it at the rumored premium price tag they’re going to have to sell it at (we’re guessing $499 minimum). Obviously, that would be good for us as fans, but bad for Microsoft as a company.

So if it shouldn’t be called an “Xbox One Elite” or “Xbox One Pro”, what should Microsoft name it, then? Well, that’s certainly a conundrum. I don’t think we’re ready to see an Xbox Two hit the market in 2017 (the new console will release holiday 2017), nor do I think Microsoft should continue on with that sort of sequential console naming at this point. While I like the Scorpio name already, it’s already being used for a codename, so we’d imagine Microsoft isn’t going to make that the official name. Hmm…

I’d like to see Sony’s competitor actually come out with a full hardware unveiling prior to the big E3 conference (as we predict they’ll do in our roundup of E3 2017 predictions), so, hopefully, we’ll know the official name sooner rather than later.

Whatever it’s going to be actually called when it hits the retail shelves this holiday season, let’s hope the word “Kinect” isn’t shown on the box, either.

What do you think would be a good name for the Xbox Scorpio? Sound off in the comments below.

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