Rumor: Call Of Duty WWII Release Date Leaked

A grainy leaked poster for you viewing pleasure reveals what might be the release date for Activision’s yet unannounced Call of Duty WWII. Even the title is courtesy of previously leaked photos legitimized by Eurogamer.

This poster comes from ASB Gaming London YouTube channel, and shows very similar art to what we’ve seen before, and what looks to be a release date of November 3rd. The year isn’t mentioned of course, but usually these leaks come a year or two in advance. Though game development schedules are very much subject to change.

Or Activision is playing around with poster art ideas for the new game and the artist wanted to show what the date would look like over the title. When designing anything that requires both images and text, it is beyond necessary to use sample text in order to determine spacing, size, placement, and font.

Thus, this date could very well just be a filler date made-up by the designer responsible. Regardless of how real or not this poster is, the date could be completely off.

In addition, I’m not entirely confident in the source of this image. He doesn’t even mention who took the photo, where it was taken, or when it was sent to him. Though it is also possible that he wasn’t allowed to mention any of that, which is understandable in certain circumstances.


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