Beam Changes Name to Mixer And Adds Costreaming

Microsoft has announced that its streaming service Beam is rebranding to Mixer and it’s getting a major overhaul too, including costreaming, streaming to mobile devices (just like YouTube Gaming), a new film studio focused on streaming, crowd play, and much more. Microsoft even claims that there will be none of the “10 – 20 second latency you typically get on other platforms.”

Microsoft is holding a few events to celebrate the re-branding. It begins 2pm ET and will include announcements, demos, tournaments (starting 3pm ET), gameplay, a new weekly show for eSports (6pm ET), talk show (9pm ET), and an interactive fireworks show (12 am ET). Press A to get started. Announcements and demos will all pertain to Mixer and will not include any new games or information about upcoming games. Though Microsoft will be broadcasting their E3 press conference via Mixer in UHD and 4K, if you wish to watch it on your Xbox.

That said, costreaming is probably one of the main highlights of this overhaul for the average user, it allows up to 4 streamers at once and you can have multiple channels on one Mixer page. No one has to be playing the same game either, and each channel/streaming source will be combined via a split-screen view. This feature is available for everyone right now. However in the coming weeks, users can join any co-stream immediately from the Guide. Be sure to check out all the details on their announcement page linked above.

Mixer is available now, along with most of the announced features, on Xbox One.




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