Pokémon Go: Legendary Pokémon Coming July 23

If you happen to be at the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago on July 22nd, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. In celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary, Niantic and The Pokémon Company have decided to introduce Legendary Pokémon to the raid boss roster. If you’re quite new to Pokémon Go, raid bosses are those enormously powerful Pokémon that appear in the occasional gym. Usually with a CP around 10000 or more. Once you and a bunch of friends defeat the boss, you will be able to catch that Pokémon and it will appear in the wild on your journeys from then on.

You’ll soon be able to catch Legendary Pokémon in these raid battles, but not before the trainers who are attending the Pokémon Go Fest work together to defeat the first one. Once they’ve managed to defeat that one, Legendary Pokémon will begin appearing around the world. The Chicago players will also be unlocking Legendary items for the rest of the world too. As such, Niantic states that at the latest, Legendary items and Pokémon should appear in your game by July 23. Again, the folks at Chicago have plenty of work ahead of them.

It was not mentioned exactly which Legendary Pokémon will be the first or which will be available afterwards. It is likely safe to assume that they will be from generation one and two, so some favorites might be Mewtwo, Zapdos, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. Each would certainly be worth the work of going to a gym and hanging out until you’ve defeated it.

In addition, there will also be Safari Zone events across Europe in August and September, hosted by Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers. Another event will occur in Yokohama, Japan in August during the Pikachu Outbreak. Everywhere but America, I know. Never fear, Niantic will have plenty events in the future that will include America.


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