Devil May Cry 5 Detailed Leak

There will be "some form of PlayStation exclusivity involved."

The leak was released on ResetERA, revealing in exhaustive detail what the next Devil May Cry game will be like. There are some spoilers in the source link below, so please be warned if you want to read the leak in full.Devil May Cry 5 Detailed Leak

The game will be titled Devil May Cry V and will be released November 2018, barring any delays. If there are delays, than the game’s launch will be pushed into 2019. This game was supposed to be announced at E3 2017, but never appeared. Fans waited eagerly for PSX, and then Paris Games Week, but Devil May Cry never came to either event. According to the leak, this was due to Sony’s decision to “scale up” E3 2018.

With Sony announcing the game, you might be wondering if Devil May Cry V will be an exclusive title. The leak hints that there will be “some form of PlayStation exclusivity involved” due to Sony “paying for some of the funding.” Speculation runs from a timed exclusive to a full one PS4-only title.

That said, let’s get to the game itself. According to the leak, the game will be developed by a team compiled from Dragon’s Dogma developers and others who have works on the series’ previous titles. Voice actors Rueben Langdon, Johnny Bosch, and Dan Southworth will be reprising their roles as Dante, Nero, and Vergil respectively.

Gameplay will include some online elements, but “definitely no multiplayer PvP.” This is probably for the best, depending on your opinion of Devil May Cry 4’s multiplayer.

There are plenty more details, including what the gameplay and combat will look like, however there are a lot of “might be” and “possibly” in the language of this leak. It makes it feel less legitimate and all the more clear that the game is not ready to be announced yet. There are far too many important elements that are not confirmed, like a lot of the gameplay explained in the leak.

Source: ResetERA


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