Shape of America Launches Today On PC

Speaking of political games, Shape of America is developed by Kuklam Studios and will be coming out on PC today. The game, according to the lead developer, was inspired by Netflix’s House of Cards series.

As such, in Shape of America, you will be running for office during the late 1990s. During apparently peaceful times, you become responsible for all kinds of “corruption, lies, and bribery.” There are also timed meetings, or quests as you might call them, that cannot be missed. If an event occurs on a certain day, it will not come around again if you missed it, so you’d better stay on your toes and don’t double book yourself.

The game features a favor system, where every character you meet will remember whether or not you helped them in the past. The example used in the game’s description on Steam is if things are getting sticky with a police investigation, you have a number of options. One of them is to help the Chief of Police deal with labor unions. It certainly shows just how politically relevant House of Cards is right now.

There is combat in Shape of America, but not the type you might expect from a regular RPG. Shape of America’s combat is turn-based and based entirely on a “battle of words” and the use of “rhetoric devices” to make sure you come out on top.

Once you level up, you’ll be able to know the political leanings of whoever you talk to and thus, tell them exactly what they want to here. Though this might gain you popularity in the short run, be careful of contradicting statements.

You will also get to meet all kinds of important and relevant people in this game was well, like President Trump. The game play is in the style of PC games from the 90s, with those awful grey message boxes filled with the even worse basic HTML font.

Do you think this game really hits the mark on our current political conditions? Or do you think it needs something more to be properly impactful? What would those improvements include? Let us know in the comment below!

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