Man of Medan Announced, 1st Horror Title in The Dark Pictures Anthology

It looks as though we may be in for something relatively new to the gaming landscape. Supermassive Games, creators of 2015’s standout horror title Until Dawn, are back at it again. The studio has announced a collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment to bring gaming a new horror anthology series. Under the banner The Dark Pictures Anthology, today brings us our first trailer for The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan.

The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan revolves around 4 young Americans who go vacationing on a diving trip. Their goal is to scout the location of some rumored World War 2 wreckage, but as you can expect, things don’t exactly go according to plan.

Throughout Man of Medan you’ll take control of the 4 American vacationers, as well as the ship’s captain. Each offering a unique perspective on the events unfolding. Supermassive Games is designing Man of Medan to be continually replayable. So the various decisions you make and branching paths that you experience will be lead just one of many possibilities that can result in the survival or death of those aboard.

Man of Medan

Pete Samuels is the CEO Supermassive Games and the Executive Producer on The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Here’s his statement released earlier today with the game’s trailer:

“We are incredibly excited to announce the Dark Pictures Anthology and the first game in the series – Man of Medan. With each title being a standalone game, we have the opportunity to create a unique horror experience every time, with new stories, settings, characters and cast.

As a studio we have a passion to deliver powerful cinematic horror, and we can’t wait for players to experience these new games across PS4, XBOX and PC. We have a great partner in Bandai Namco Entertainment and we look forward to working with them to help bring these terrifying tales to gamers everywhere.”

Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing for Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe , also released a statement. Hoerdt confirmed that Man of Medan is just the first of several titles in the Supermassive/Bandai Namco partnership:

“The Dark Pictures, is the first example of a horror anthology series within the video game world, which positions gaming to a style closer to their favorite TV shows with new, standalone experiences brought to fans on a regular basis. It’s a bold new model, but one we believe fans of both gaming and horror will love.”

The partnership is targeting a 2019 release for Man of Medan. The first horror game in the anthology will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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