Ary and the Secret of Seasons Confirmed for 2019

Yet another new game has been announced thanks to the events of Gamescom today. The publishing label Modus Games has announced that the developers at Exiin are bringing Ary and the Secret of Seasons to consoles and Steam in 2019.

The title debuted at Gamescom last year where it was awarded “Best Unity Game”. It was later nominated for the “Best Indie Game” award at Game Connection 2017. Ary and the Secret of Seasons is a 3rd person action adventure title in which you control the titular Ary. Within today’s latest trailer, you can tell that the game certainly has some influences from other titles in the genre such as the 3D Legend of Zelda games. Here’s the official synopsis courtesy of Modus Games:

“Ary and the Secret of Seasons follows the journey of a young girl named Ary across the magnificent world of Valdi. To the surprise of many, Ary has joined the Guardians of Seasons, an old organization traditionally ruled by men. Her task: successfully restore the seasons of Valdi! With strength, determination, and self-control as her pillars, Ary will set out to accomplish a feat no other guardian has ever managed.”

Today’s trailer shows Ary approaching a stronghold that looks to be run entirely by a group of hyenas. When she knocks to enter, the entire pack goes crazy in fear, doing things that make Ed from The Lion King look like he’s outright competent in comparison.

Ary’s power in the game is that she can summon small spherical ecosystems that house each of the 4 seasons. Modus states that Ary can wield up to 3 of these spherical ecosystems at a time, meaning she “can jump from winter to summer to autumn in a single leap.”

The game is playable within the Indie Arena both during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. If that’s a bit too far to go hands-on, the game has officially been announced for a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam release in 2019.

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