Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black Market is Live on PS4

If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to decorate your character and gear in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activison and Treyarch have some good news for you. The duo announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black Market has gone live for PlayStation 4 owners. Xbox One and PC players will see the Black Market go live next week.

Activision describes the Black Ops 4 Black Market as “the one-stop shop for awesome gear and new ways to express yourself in Black Ops 4 and brings big changes to give players more options to earn and enjoy new content.” It sounds a bit similar to something like Fortnite‘s player reward tiers.

The publisher says that the Contraband stream within the Black Market will supply Black Ops 4 players with a progression path that will earn them items just by playing the game. You’ll be able to obtain Contraband items via seasonal Operations. Activision says they’ll launch new content for these Operations every few months. The first Operation, Operation First Strike, brings the first season of content to PlayStation 4 today.

Within these Operations players can expect to obtain Contraband in the form of new characters for Blackout and Multiplayer, signature weapons, specialized outfits and various tags and gestures. For the outfits, Activision says you’ll be able to mix and match from various sets.

There will also be limited time Special Events within the Black Ops 4 Black Market. It looks as though they’ll be themed and will offer additional unique content to match. The first Special Event will be Halloween themed and launches for PlayStation 4 on October 20th. Like everything else, it arrives for PC and Xbox One a week later.

Activision also confirmed the Blackjack’s Shop will debut within the game in November. This is a premium only store, offering limited time gear that will cycle in and out of the game weekly. If you’re inclined to standout from all of the costumes earned from the Black Market, the Blackjack’s Shop is the place to go.

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