50 Minecraft Creations You Have to See To Believe (2019)

If there’s one thing we know about Minecraft players, it’s that they have unparalleled focus and creativity. If you’re just getting into the game, you’ll know just how hard it is to build something cool with simple blocks. But, somehow, gamers are able to build massive cities, tall skyscrapers, and even massive dinosaurs and dragons.

From futuristic cities to creations revolving around your favorite movie or TV show, the Minecraft community can do it all, and if the creativity is seemingly endless. Mojang’s game was originally released nearly four years ago, and it still has a massive dedicated player base containing millions of players who are all creating amazing Minecraft creations for us to gawk at.

I feel as though I should place some sort of disclaimer to not try these at home, not because they’re dangerous, but simply because of how long many of them took. Some of these projects take years, while others are done in a few months with a team. Either way, the dedication of the creators makes some of these worthy of sharing, alone. These are just one picture/video from each creation, so if you want to see more of whatever you’re looking at, we highly advise you to click the source links to view more.

So without further ado, these amazing Minecraft creations put our dirt huts to shame. Here are 50 of them you have to see to believe:

1. Acropolis of Athens

User: Gtofan74

2. Fort Bulwark

fort bulwarth minecraft
User: GolankaSwe

How is this even possible? Witchcraft. Has to be witchcraft.

3. Welcome to WesterosCraft

User: WesterosCraft

How much time did this take?

4. Epic Cathedral

minecraft cathedral
User: GNRfrancis

This is one of the best Minecraft creations of all-time, and there’s simply no denying its amazingness.

5. Star Wars Trench Run

minecraft creations
User: Paradise Decay

6. Minas Tirith (The Lord of the Rings)

tirith minecraft
User: Radiactial

7. Battlestar Galactica

battlestar galactica minecraft
User: TheHaunse

8. Petra

petra minecraft
User: TheVs2nice

9. Ancient Metropolis

metropolis minecraft
Source: Forum

Good god almighty. The amount of work that had to be put into this amazing Minecraft creation is undeniable. Dedication.

10. King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

kings landing minecraft

Source: Imgur

*Starts a slow clap*

11. Space Shuttle

minecraft space shuttle

User: crpeh

12. Minecraft City Building

minecraft city

Source: rikkuness

This is easily one of the most amazing Minecraft creations we’ve ever seen.

13. Mines of Moria (Lord of the Rings)

minecraft caves

Source: mitsiee

14. Mirror’s Edge

mirror's edge minecraft

User: Lord_Pancake

15. Plane Crash

plane crash


This looks like something out of Lost.

16. Boats Galore


User: georgem1000

17. Tower of Babel

tower of babel

User: Hyta

18. The Winter Palace

minecraft buildings

User: IamNewAsWell

19. Petesire World


User: Petesire

20. The Taj Mahal

taj mahal minecraft

User: CGShowGamers

21. This Statue

snow fortress minecraft

User: ?

Wow, this Minecraft statue is absolutely incredible. I’d put this on my front lawn.

22. The House from UP!

the house from up!

User: heyaroo

23. King Kong vs. a T-Rex

minecraft v t-rex

User: Micko’s Gaming

In fairness, I’d put this on my front lawn, too.

24. Herobrine’s Mansion

herobrine's mansion

User: No idea who created it, but check out this walkthrough video

Delightfully creepy.

25. Terran’Syl: Amazing Arabian City

User: Bill Silverlight

An entire city, Bill?!? That’s awesome!

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