Telltale Batman Game Coming This Summer

telltale batman game

Telltale Games has been growing over the years since they first created their Walking Dead series. The upcoming Telltale Batman game looks to improve their format.

During a panel at South By Southwest, Telltale Games went into detail about what we can expect to see in the upcoming title.

What makes this Batman game different is that you’ll be spending a lot more time a Bruce Wayne this time around. The developers compared the ratio to be similar to the Christopher Nolan movies. Even more intriguing is that you will be able to choose whether to handle situations at Bruce Wayne or Batman. This seems like it will make the game much more diverse than previous Telltale games.

While little was revealed in regards to the story, they did share that the Telltale Batman game will feature an original story to keep players guessing. It will definitely focus Batman and Bruce, but it won’t be diving too deep into the extended bat family. They also likened the game to Wolf Among Us‘ living comic book style and mature nature.

As far as villains, Telltale was pretty hush hush on details. Because their game is the story, they don’t want to reveal anything that could ruin it. They did say there would be multiple villains however. You choices in the game might even shape which villains come to existence. One developer described them as fuses with some being lit and some being put out.

Beyond story and gameplay details, the team also went into details on their new technology. They have known about the issues some people have had with running their games and have been hard at work creating new tech to improve their games. This will premiere in Batman and will be used in future Telltale project going forward.

We certainly love what the studio has produced so far. Hopefully you’ll dive into this Telltale Batman game when it releases this summer.

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