GamesDreams Launches in Early Access This Spring

Dreams Launches in Early Access This Spring

After a successful closed beta, Media Molecule is taking its next big step towards an official release date for Dreams. The game is launching in Early Access on PlayStation 4 this spring. This is to ensure more players can enjoy and explore Dreams while also giving Media Molecule more information and time to improve the game before its full release. On the official PlayStation Blog, studio director Siobhan Reddy discussed the details.

Early Access will not have everything that’s in the full version of the game but it will have the “the same Dreams tools that we have used every day at MM to make our content.” Media Molecule has already confirmed that anything you made in the beta will transfer over into the full game and the same applies to this in-between step. If you were working on something in the beta, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Dreams Early Access will slowly roll out extra features, tutorials, arcade levels, and assets as things slowly scale up towards the full launch. It will also give us a first look into how Dreams live service aspect will function so that the community can grow and feel supported long after the game releases. Unlike the beta, there won’t be a non-disclosure agreement tied to Dreams Early Access: stream and share all you want.

But, just like the beta, not everyone can take part. Dreams Early Access is a limited release so that the community can be small enough for the team to interact with and take feedback from.

Dreams Early Access will be available digitally through the PlayStation Store this spring, priced at $29.99 (+ applicable tax) in the US and $39.99 (+ applicable tax) in Canada.

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