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GameTrailers.com Shut Down After 13 Years

Gametrailers shut down

It’s with a heavy heart this morning that we have to report the closing of GameTrailers.com, the internet’s go-to site for all things game trailers. After thirteen years, the company has been shut down by their parent company, Defy Media. GT made the announcement on Twitter last night:

The entire team, led by EIC and founder Brandon Jones, only found out about the site being shut down yesterday morning. In typical GameTrailers fashion, the crew came together for one last Twitch stream, in which the team streamed Grand Theft Auto III, the very first game ever captured by the outlet. At the opening of the stream, Jones noted, “We didn’t make the decision to shut down GameTrailers, but we can’t really talk about that.”

Anyone who knows me knows that GameTrailers has been my favorite gaming website for over eight years, and somehow, in a world filled with hundreds of thousands of gaming websites, GT was a standout, known for not only being the go-to place for new game trailers, but also for unbiased reviews and high quality editorial content (as well as a great podcast and shows).

It’s an unfortunate bit of news, and we’d like to wish the GT team the best of luck, and we have no doubt that they’ll land on their feet.

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