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Payday 3 Announced After Starbreeze Regains Rights

Payday 3 was quietly announced last night along with all the other big news for the series. There are a lot of reasons for fans to be happy about right now.

Last night Starbreeze, the company that owns Payday developer Overkill, announced that they finally have regained the franchise rights to its series. The developer had partnered with 505 Games back in 2012 to aid in the release of Payday 2.

In this announcement, Overkill revealed that all microtransactions would be removed from Payday 2. These were received critically by fans as the company had previously mentioned that they would never add such payments to their games. Sadly, 505 Games didn’t make such a promise and they were implemented anyway.

Additionally, the game will receive an overhaul to its skill tree in an upcoming patch.

Previous company 505 Games will still retain 33% of revenue from Payday 3 (capped at $40 million), but it is good to have the franchise back in the owner’s hands.

No details were given about Payday 3 other than the fact that it is coming “in the future.” For now, Payday 2 will continue to receive new content for the next year and a half.

We hope you’re as excited to hear such positive news as we are. With Starbreeze back in control, we have some really high hopes for Payday 3.