State of Decay 2 Independence Pack Released

Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios have released their first post launch State of Decay 2 content today. The State of Decay 2 Independence Pack features, as you might suspect, 4th of July inspired items to ensure your zombie slaying gets festive during America’s birthday.

There are three new vehicles entering the game via the State of Decay 2 Independence Pack. They’re dubbed the Pyrohawk, Burninator and the Meatwagon. The Freedom Ringer, Grillmeister and BBQ Fork are being introduced as new melee weapons. And the Pyro Launcher and Starshank Launcher are ranged incoming ranged weapons with a celebratory twist.

There will be a wandering trader selling fireworks within the game for a limited time. And Undead has also incorporated a Firework Crafting Station into the game. New launchables include the Block Rocker, Reign o’ Fire, Bouncing Boris and the XL Firework Shell.

In addition to the Independence Pack, State of Decay 2 has recently updated to version 2.0. With the update comes 20 new missions, 10 new weapons, a Rare Books trader to learn new skills, and an array of various gameplay improvements. These upgrades in 2.0 are free for everyone.

Undead has also teased what’s coming down the line for State of Decay 2. In September, the team will release their Daybreak Pack DLC. In it comes a new mode in which you’ll play as a “well-equipped” Red Talon Soldier. It sounds as though it’s a form of Horde mode for the game. Undead states that “You’ll work to complete a challenging objective while protecting your fortified position against waves of zombies and freaks to earn new rewards and weapons.”

The State of Decay 2 Independence Pack is listing for $4.99 on the Xbox Store. Those with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can purchase the pack at a 10% discount. If you happened to purchase State of Decay 2’s Ultimate Edition, the Independence Pack is available free of charge.

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