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Steam Summer Sale Dates Leaked


According to Reddit user deliteplays, a certified subreddit contributor, Steam’s summer sale will be between June 22nd at 9:50am PT and July 5th at 10:05am PT. The user posted a screenshot that is supposedly taken from the closed Steamworks developers group. It reads the dates, “I did notice my ID is here,” and highlighted text for more discount information. Unfortunately this could easily be replicated and there’s no telling whether or not it’s real.Steam Summer Sale Dates Leaked

Steam houses so very many developers, it’s surprising that leaks haven’t occurred more often than this, even if it breaks a few rules. The summer sale for Steam usually occurs between June and July (last year it was June 23rd to July 4th), so it would be easy to guess as well, even if the dates and oddly specific times are wrong.

Summer is a time for camping, vacations in far away places, and purchasing a large array of games to either played later or binged through the hot days to better avoid the day star. However you decide to spend your summer, at least now you can preplan a little around the dates of E3 and the annual summer sale of games on your wish list or games you didn’t know should be on your wish list.

What are you hoping will go on sale this summer? Let us know in the comments below!


Rhys Pugatschew
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