GamesSuper Mario Odyssey 2: Where Does Mario Go Next?

Super Mario Odyssey 2: Where Does Mario Go Next?

All finished with Super Mario Odyssey and want more? Well, given the success of the first Mario Switch game, we’d be willing to bet that good ole’ Nintendo is going to give us another Mario game, and likely in the next couple of years.

But where should the Mario franchise go from here? With infinite possibilities, we’ve been chewing on where Nintendo should take our little plumber friend next.

Another open world game? Super Mario Odyssey 2: Cappy’s Return? Maybe something else entirely?

We ask a lot of questions about the future of Mario, and we discuss our thoughts on what we want from the next Mario game in the video above.

This is the first entry in our brand new video series, The Bulletin by Janet Garcia. In this series, we’ll delve into some hot topics and ideas around the wonderful world of gaming. Here’s episode one: Where Should Mario Go From Here?

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Also, we’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on where the Mario franchise should go next, so please, voice them in the comments below.

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