Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer Candy Dish

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Now this is brave. 

Anyone that willingly puts candy in Slimer’s mouth is just asking for trouble! Then again, maybe the small green spud can behave himself and not swallow everything you store in his gaping mouth. Check out the Rubie’s Ghostbuster Slimer Candy Dish — available now!

The small candy dish is designed after the Ghostbusters’ resident slimeball, Slimer. Store candy of all types so they’re convenient and in reach or save the dish for Halloween to store your stash for trick or treaters. Keep him by the door to give trick or treaters a laugh or place him in your Ghostbusters collection for a smiley addition. 

The Rubie’s Slimer Candy Bowl Holder isn’t quite as grotesque as his cinematic counterpart, but that only makes it easier to stomach eating from anywhere around his large mouth.

With this ceramic, 17” Slimer candy dish, you’ll want to be sure to store only wrapped candies. His slime really can get all over everything, and trust us, ghost slime is not a delicious additive. When things get a little too messy, just wipe it down.

Great for cookies and candy, so you can have your favorite spectral treat at your side at all times. Slimer would normally make a terrible desktop companion, but the ceramic jar is too busy housing your treats to cause any mischief.

The Slimer candy bowl also glows in the dark, making it great room decor.

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone know you have Slimer in your house. It’s no secret who to call when they see a class-5 free-roaming vapor and you can never trust your neighbors. 

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