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There is one phrase out there that is so beautiful—so awe-inspiring and heart wrecking—that most people simply collapse into a heap of sobs after hearing it. No, it is not “I love you,” and it is definitely not “will you marry me?” or “Congratulations, you’re a parent.” Such sayings are pale imitations of the pure poetics of the end-all-be-all of language: “It’s a trap!”

Spoken by the cunning and ever so wise Admiral Ackbar during the battle against Imperial forces over the forest moon of Endor, this saying undoubtedly saved the lives of countless Rebellion troops and touched the hearts of moviegoers all around the world. And now prepare to have that quote forever immortalized at the entrance to your own home with the wonderful Star Wars: ‘It’s A Trap’ Admiral Ackbar Doormat.

This genuine and officially licensed Star Wars merchandise features a large caption bubble outlined in black with a white inner portion punctuated by dark front reading out Ackbar’s poetry in all caps. The Admiral himself graces the bottom right corner of the mat and his gleeful face is sure to bring a smile to any and all visitors, regardless of if they are secretly Imperial sympathizers or not.

The colors are sharp and the outlines are bold. No one will mistake your passion for the Mon Calamari of legend as you proudly display this piece of art anywhere in your home. While it is obviously designed as a door mat, no one is stopping you from making this the centerpiece of your living room or the wall art that hangs beside your kitchen table. Throw out your Darth Vader poster, cast aside your R2-D2 iceman cooler, and for the love of all that is holy get rid of the Chewbacca underwear set, and adorn your home with the only Star Wars character that matters.

This is currently for sale at Merchoid for $32.99.

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