Metal Gear Solid Movie Has Landed Its Writer

Let's hope he does a "Solid" job

The man that played a part in taking us back to Jurassic Park and guided us through Skull Island is ready to take on another huge franchise. Variety is reporting that Derek Connolly has signed on to write the Metal Gear Solid movie.

Connolly has be the originator of some major franchises over the last few years. Derek worked together with director Colin Trevorrow to write 2015’s Jurassic World. The movie was met with mixed critical reception. Also to similar mixed reviews, he co-developed the script to this year’s Kong: Skull Island with Dan Gilroy and Max Borenstein.

Universal Pictures must have been pleased with what Connolly did though. They brought him back to write Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with Trevorrow. That movie is poised to debut on June 22nd. But enough about those films – we’re here to talk about Metal Gear Solid.

The franchise, beloved by gamers across the world, has been rumored as a potential film for years. The series, beginning with Metal Gear originated on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987. However, the property really began to flourish with Metal Gear Solid’s debut on the PlayStation in 1998.

The game, created by Hideo Kojima, was far ahead of its time. Yet universally adored. It featured hours of dialogue with a story that was crazily complex yet satisfying all the same. On a surface level, the plot of the game revolves around Solid Snake. A stealth specializing soldier tasked with infiltrating a nuclear weapons facility. There, he attempts to take down the terrorist organization Foxhound – which just so happens to be ran by his “twin” brother Liquid.

Most of you on this site probably know the gist of the story, but it’s far more complex than what a simple paragraph can describe. We’ll leave the spoilers for another day though. There’s no word as to when the Metal Gear Solid movie is aiming to debut. But let’s just hope Connolly can crack this tough nut of a story for the big screen.


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