Black Panther’s Latest Footage is the Best Yet

Long live the King.

During the College Football Playoff National Championship game last night, Marvel took it upon themselves to utilize their brand synergy with ESPN. The studio dropped a fresh TV spot for Black Panther, which at a minute and half in length, essentially acts as an entirely new trailer.

Much of the footage on display is extended looks of clips we’ve seen in prior trailers. But it’s all comes together in hell of a TV spot. We get some snippets of T’Challa’s training prior to his donning of the Black Panther mantle. As well as an extended look at Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger and his collaboration with Andy Serkis’ Klaw.

Towards the end of the trailer we see T’Challa meeting with what appears to be spiritual versions of Black Panthers that have come before him. Many fans speculate that the Soul Stone, the sole Infinity Stone we’ve yet to see within the MCU, plays an integral part in T’Challa’s communing with his Wakandan ancestors. Black Panther, of course, represents the final Marvel film before Thanos officially comes to town in May.

All of those who carried doubts regarding Black Panther’s validity as a standalone Marvel movie property should see them quickly subsided. This property looks fantastic, and is decidedly different in tone and aesthetics than anything we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s come before it.

Black Panther is releasing in just over a month on February 16th, but it still feels as though the flick is sneaking up on us. With the recent unveiling of the first public Avengers: Infinity War trailer, the movie that is ten years in the making is overshadowing our Wakandan friends. But as hype continues to build over the next five weeks, I have a feeling we won’t continue feeling that way for long though.

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