The Batman Solo Movie Might Take Place in Arkham Asylum

We’re typically fairly conservative when it comes to posting nerdy movie rumors, but this one is a bit too interesting to pass up. Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film, which we currently know as simply The Batman, could be set entirely, or at least mostly, in Arkham Asylum.

BOF is hit or miss when it comes to rumors actually being true, so take this tidbit of “news” with a grain of salt. But, according to the site, The Batman involves Batman being locked up in Arkham. This rumor lines right up with the buzz about the upcoming superhero film having “a lot of Batman villains”, as there isn’t a much better way to feature numerous Batman villains than to just have the movie set in Arkham Asylum. As previously confirmed, the Batman solo film will feature a mostly original story.

This would be an interesting plot for Ben Affleck’s Batman, as the storylines surrounding Arkham Asylum are typically great, as is exemplified by 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum game written by Paul Dini which featured a storyline where The Joker creates an elaborate plan to seize control of the asylum and trap Batman within its walls.

More on The Batman as we hear it, but this is something to chew on for now.

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