Gridlist: The Ultimate Media Tracking and Discovery Platform

One of the things I obsess over as a huge lover of nerd culture is keeping track of all the new video games, movies, and TV series there are to watch. It’s an impossible task without the right tools to help you keep track of everything. It feels like I’m drowning in new media, over here. Am I wrong? There seems to be a never-ending flow of new movies to watch, TV shows to check out, and games to play.

With so many different streaming platforms and an ever-expanding library of content, finding exactly what you’re looking for can be overwhelming. That’s where Gridlist comes in. Gridlist is a powerful media tracking and discovery service that combines advanced filtering and sorting options with personalized library management, allowing its users to discover new games, movies, and TV shows while also effortlessly tracking their own collections.

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Discover New Media With Gridlist


Gridlist offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse through a massive catalog of movies, TV shows, video games, anime, and more. With its powerful filter and sort combinations, finding exactly what you want to watch or play becomes a breeze. Let’s take a closer look at some of the impressive features Gridlist offers:

Use Advanced Filters: Gridlist allows users to create custom filters using a wide range of criteria. For example, you can search for sci-fi movies featuring either Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks, released between 1991 and 2017, with a runtime under 2 hours, and sort them by the highest rating. This level of specificity ensures you discover precisely what you’re in the mood for.

Multi-Platform Support: Gridlist caters to a variety of media types, including movies, TV shows, and video games. Whether you’re a cinephile, TV series aficionado, or gaming enthusiast, Gridlist has got you covered. Seamlessly switch between browsing movies or exploring the large library of video games.

Tracking Your Media Library With Gridlist

Gridlist goes beyond a mere discovery platform; it also serves as a comprehensive media library management tool. Here’s how Gridlist empowers users to organize and track their own collections:

Manage Your Media Library: With Gridlist, you can easily add any item to your personal library. Whether it’s a movie you plan to watch or a video game you’re excited to play, Gridlist provides a centralized hub for keeping track of your media.

Customizable Categorization: Gridlist allows you to categorize the status of each item in your library. Whether you want to mark something as “Want to play,” “Playing,” or “Played,” Gridlist’s flexible categorization options help you stay organized and keep tabs on your media consumption.

Personalized Stats: Gridlist lets you enhance your media library with personalized metrics. Rate items, add watch dates, record hours played, and more. These features enable you to create a personalized database of your entertainment preferences and keep a comprehensive record of your media journey.

With Gridlist, you can streamline your entertainment journey and enjoy a more immersive and organized media experience.

How to Sign-Up for Gridlist

To try out Gridlist for yourself, head over to Gridlist’s Official Site and register. You can also join their Discord for help and suggestions.