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Ridley Scott Says Alien 5 “Didn’t Evolve”


In an interview with French movie news site Allociné, Ridley Scott made it quite clear that Neill Blomkamp’s proposed sequel, Alien 5, has long been scrapped. First, he points out that a script was never written for Alien 5, instead there was “a 10-page pitch.”Ridley Scott Says Alien 5 "Didn't Evolve"

Though this may seem flimsy, I’m sure Fox receives a lot of similar pitches for sequels of such large franchises. There are certainly a few movies where that feels like the case. Second, Scott says that Alien 5 just “didn’t evolve” after that, that Fox simply decided against it one day and moved on.

This comes after Alociné’s question about which of the Alien sequels is his favorite. Without trying to put it very gently, Scott just went ahead and named all of the movies he directed himself. I think, as a fan of the Alien movies, that even if you never watched an interview with Scott, it’s rather clear that any of the Alien numbered sequels simply reek of Scott’s disapproval.

Though I believe at least one or two of them were decent movies, I do understand that they never quite reached the heights of the original Alien. Thus, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the Fox finally put a stop to it all and Scott didn’t feel the need to push it.

Blomkamp was clearly excited for his movie though, as he happily shared concept art (pictured above) and ideas with the media at the time. It certainly made fans happy to speculate, and some might be disappointed. However with Covenant coming out May 19 and since it is directed by Ridley Scott, it seems difficult to mourn the passing of Alien 5.

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