Nintendo Hand Puppets Puts the Company’s Characters in Your Hands

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If you’ve been looking for some unique yet adorable Nintendo merch to spend your gold coins on, Hashtag Collectibles is here to help. The site is now offering a line of Nintendo Hand Puppets that puts the Mushroom Kingdom and a few other notable characters right on your mitts.

The line of Nintendo Hand Puppets is primarily focused on Mario characters. Mario is included, of course. As is his brother, Luigi, and Princess Peach too. The villains refuse to be left out though, so Bowser and Bowser Jr. are available as well. And they’ve brought along a Goomba puppet, a Piranha Plant puppet and even a Giant Piranha Plant puppet to do their evil bidding.

A Toad puppet and Yoshi puppet are here to watch Mario’s back though. And we can even take the adventure outside of the Mushroom Kingdom to Donkey Kong Country with the Donkey Kong hand puppet.

No Nintendo adventure would be complete without a trip to Hyrule though. So the Hashtag Collectibles Nintendo Hand Puppet line rounds out with Link and Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda.

The Nintendo Hand Puppets measure in between 9 and 10 inches tall, with the Giant Piranha Plant being the obvious outlier. And they all feature moveable arms and a moveable mouth for all your witty dialogue. The hand puppets retail for $19.99 on the site, so you won’t bankrupt the Kingdom is you purchase a couple to get the puppet party started. And if you want to wear some cool Nintendo gear while throwing your puppet party, there’s a Piranha Plant Beanie on the site for just $15.99 too.

You can find the complete lineup of Nintendo Hand Puppets right here. Browse our gallery below to see which of the group you’ll be adding to your collection first. And please, feel free to share with us all the shenanigans you come up with for your future puppet shows.

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