PUBG Suicide Squad Crossover Brings Joker and Harley Quinn Skins to Game

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If you woke up this morning wondering what PUBG Corp. had planned next for their battle royale game, a PUBG Suicide Squad crossover likely wouldn’t have crossed your mind But alas, here we are. The studio released a tweet earlier confirming that new skins were “coming soon” that feature the DCEU likenesses of Joker and Harley Quinn.

These PUBG Suicide Squad skins aren’t exactly great. Harley Quinn’s is solid. Her red and blue pigtails are spot on. She comes with her iconic baseball bat and her overall outfit is pretty much an exactly replica from the DC film. But PUBG’s take on the Joker is pretty awful.

The Joker skin that the PUBG Suicide Squad collaboration offers looks nothing like Jared Leto’s take on the character. Sure, there’s the “Damaged” tattoo, white face paint and green hair. But the skin just feels like a generic PUBG avatar that someone at home concocted with a mid-level character creation system.

PUBG Corp. hasn’t stated how these PUBG Suicide Squad skins will be dispersed, but it’s a safe bet that they’ll be premium items. And fans are not happy. If you read the tweets attached to the collaboration’s announcement, the comments are rife with complaints. Chief amongst them (other than how bad The Joker looks), is PUBG Corp.’s continued attempt to microtransaction the game to death while there are still so many debilitating bugs present on both PC and Xbox.

There are also rumors that PUBG will finally begin rolling out onto PlayStation 4 next month. Although details were never officially announced, it’s assumed that Microsoft Studios bought a year of console exclusivity for the game. PUBG debuted on Xbox One December 12th, 2017. Theoretically, the PlayStation 4 version of the game could be coming before the end of the year.

Hopefully the developers are still working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the best possible experience for their battle royale title. Because it sure seems as though the game’s player base is becoming increasingly frustrated.

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