Supergirl Renewed For Season 2…..on The CW

Supergirl RenewedWith official news of Supergirl renewed for its second season, we can all breath a sigh of relief. Our suspicions were correct as it moves to The CW.

The news comes in from The Hollywood Reporter, which coincides with the mutterings that have been circulating recently. The decision made a lot of sense since the network is owned by both CBS and Warner Bros. Now, the show will be joining the likes of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. With all these shows being produced by Greg Berlanti, everything seems to be where it should.

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In this first season of Supergirl, the Flash made an appearance for a crossover episode. This is very rare between separate networks. In the episode, it was revealed that the world of Supergirl exists in a parallel universe. With the Flash traveling through time and earths already, this was an easy solution. We have no doubt that this will be addressed when more crossovers occur in the future.

The main reason for the switch is that Supergirl was just not bringing enough ratings to combat the $3 million per episode price tag. To help lower the costs, the show will move production from LA to Vancouver. It is a much cheaper place to film and the same place where the other CW shows are shot.

With Supergirl renewed for season 2, we are excited to see what this next season will bring. Best of luck CW.

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