American Gods Season 2 Airs in 2019

After a bit of a will they or won’t they, the former appears to be confirmed. Starz and Neil Gaiman have confirmed that Season 2 of American Gods has begun production.

The show seemed to be in limbo for quite a while. Starz renewed the series for a second season on May 10th, 2017 following just two episodes hitting the air. However, there was apparently conflict between management and the creative group which severely halted progress.

After writing nearly half of the second season, the showrunning duo of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green abruptly left departed. The running theory is that the studio had qualms with the team over the show’s ever increasing budget. Jesse Alexander was then brought in as showrunner following Fuller and Green’s exit.

During the TV Critics press tour in January, Chief Executive Officer and President of Starz, Chris Albrecht, confirmed some of the issues that show as having was due to budget issues with the studio behind the project, FremantleMedia.

He also addressed concerns that some of the show’s cast appeared to be exiting as well. Most notably Gillian Anderson’s Media and Kristin Chenoweth’s Easter:

“I think there’s been some confusion about the cast exits. Gillian Anderson seems to be leaving everything, but this was not a surprise — we knew that she was not necessarily going to be able to come back. Kristen Chenoweth, as far as we all know, is still committed to the show obviously pending her availability.”

Albrecht also confirmed that both Fuller and Green may still be involved with the show behind the scenes should their schedules allow it. They just won’t be as directly hands on as they were prior.

In a behind the scenes look today, those that read the novel get an exciting glimpse of the iconic locale the House on the Rock. And it comes equipped with what Gaiman confirms is “the Biggest Carousel in the World.” A carousel which readers know has a very important role in the story.

Gaiman confirmed that the show won’t make it out by the end of the year. American Gods Season 2 will debut in 2019.

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