Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Shows Us Hawkins’ Next Nightmare

After some teaser footage that alluded to the show being moved out to a summer debut, we finally have some properly strange footage. Netflix has dropped its first full Stranger Things Season 3 trailer. It depicts our first look at summer in Hawkins, one that will assuredly hold both good times and bad for its citizens.

The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer kicks off with Dustin sitting a bit melancholy in his room. It looks as though he’s just returned from summer camp and there appears to be little fanfare. Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” is playing on his radio, and he looks to his pet turtle and says “At least someone’s happy I’m home.”

Then things begin getting weird. All of Dustin’s electronic toys begin turning on by themselves and start making their way out toward his living room. He follows them, telling himself that “it’s just a dream, you’re dreaming.” With hairspray in hand as a weapon, he seeks the cause. It’s then revealed that the kids are hiding and that this is a surprise welcome home – with El using her psychokinetic abilities to control the toys. Dustin’s friends jump out, causing him to scream and spray Lucas in the face with the hairspray. Good times.

The background music then changes over to The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” as we see the kids actually enjoying a Hawkins summer after all of the horrors they’ve experienced. And there’s a snippet of Nancy and Jonathan at the local newspaper, likely submitting their findings from last season.

Billy is seen as a lifeguard at the local community pool. Finn Wolfhard has matured, and so has his character, Mike, as we hear him tell the group “we’re not kids anymore.” But we quickly see El, finally getting to enjoy being a kid, sitting in a bedroom and just hanging out with Max as the latter sings into a hairbrush.

We then see Dustin still upset of Max and Lucas’ relationship. But then a few moments later we see Dustin meeting up with Steve at the ice cream shop he works at. The duo is still apparently tight from last season, greeting each other with an overly elongated handshake.

The 4th of July looks to be of significance this season. The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer shows us Cary Elwes as the Mayor, wishing everyone a wonderful Fourth. There’s fireworks, games, rides – oh, and nightmares, assassins, and monsters. Yay!

As the trailer winds, we get to see one of the new threats to our heroes. Jonathan appears to be in some type of medical facility, where we see a blob of material begins growing on the ground. It continues to grow, before finally evolving into the horrific monster that you see above.

The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer is an exciting first look at the things to come. We’ll see how the summer holiday pans out for Hawkins when Netflix drops the new season on July 4th.

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