When is Hocus Pocus On TV: How to Stream It

Every year, there are three absolute favorite Halloween movies on TV that are a MUST-WATCH in October: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family, and Hocus Pocus. Luckily, if you’ve already got cable TV, both of these classic Halloween movies will be shown on the Freeform network (formerly ABC Family). Below, you can find the COMPLETE schedule containing any time Hocus Pocus is on TV in October so that you can get your spook on. On top of that, you can also find out how to stream Hocus Pocus on TV this fall (in case you’re not interested in having your Hocus Pocus time scheduled).

When is Hocus Pocus on TV?

If you’re wondering when you can watch Hocus Pocus on TV in October 2019, you can find the entire list of when it’ll be shown on Freeform (who has the exclusive cable rights for it) below:

Note: All times in EST.

  • Tuesday, October 1st: 8:50PM
  • Wednesday, October 2nd: 5:50PM
  • Friday, October 4th: 8:50PM
  • Saturday, October 5th: 9:00AM, 5:50PM
  • Sunday, October 6th: 3:35PM, 10:20PM
  • Monday, October 7th: 4:10PM
  • Thursday, October 10th: 6:15PM
  • Friday, October 11th: 2:00PM
  • Sunday, October 13th: 10:00PM
  • Wednesday, October 16th: 12:00AM, 1:40PM
  • Saturday, October 19th: 9:05AM, 6:45PM
  • Sunday, October 20th: 8:00AM, 5:35PM
  • Thursday, October 24th: 8:50PM
  • Friday, October 25th: 6:45PM
  • Saturday, October 26th: 9:10AM, 11:50PM
  • Sunday, October 27th: 11:05AM, 9:10PM
  • Wednesday, October 30th: 8:50PM
  • Thursday, October 31st: 12:30PM, 2:35PM, 4:40PM, 6:45PM, 8:50PM

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Is Hocus Pocus on Netflix?

No, Hocus Pocus is not on Netflix in the U.S.

How to Stream Hocus Pocus

If you’re not interested in being a slave to Freeform’s odd TV schedule or don’t want to rely on just happening to be in your living room to catch one of the 30+ showings above, there are other ways that you can watch Hocus Pocus without cable. In fact, there are quite a few different ways to stream Hocus Pocus this October.

1 Amazon Prime Video

You can stream Hocus Pocus on Amazon Prime Video for just $3.99, or you can buy the digital download Hocus Pocus version to keep for $19.99.

2 Google Play

You can rent Hocus Pocus online via Google Play for $2.99 or you can buy the digital download for $9.99.

3 iTunes

You can stream Hocus Pocus on iTunes for $2.99 or buy it for $19.99 here.

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4 Vudu

You can stream Hocus Pocus on Vudu for $2.99 or buy it in SD for $9.99.

5 YouTube

You can rent Hocus Pocus right on YouTube for $2.99 here.

What is Hocus Pocus About, Exactly?

how to stream hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus is a story about three witches (the Sanderson sisters) who are awoken after being deceased for 300 years. The trio died from execution in the 17th century for the death of a young girl named Emily Binx, and for the disappearance of the older brother, Thackery Binx. The town of Salem, Massachusetts had no mercy for those practicing dark magic (as was the case in our real history), and the sisters were executed.

(It’s a LOT darker than you remember, man).

These three witches feed off of children, taking in their youth to make themselves look and feel younger, at the dispense of the innocent kids. Fast forward to 300 years later, the main character, Max, and his family just moved to Salem during the Halloween season. Max, his younger sister, and his friend Allison all find the old witches lair that the Sanderson sisters used to live in. Thinking that the old tales are just a bunch of hocus pocus, Max lights a cursed candle. What happens next leads to a thrilling adventure where Max and Allison have to save his younger sister and the rest of the town’s children from the witches that Max brought back from the afterlife.

More About Hocus Pocus

This film was produced in July of 1993, making waves with almost a 40-million-dollar cumulative worldwide gross from the box office. This film is rated PG for some of its scary scenes and language, where it may be too spooky for some younger viewers. It may be considered too juvenile for adults looking for a real thrilling horror movie. However, with a star-studded cast, this movie won’t disappoint. Some of the casting highlights include those playing the Sanderson sisters: Sarah Jessica Parker playing Sarah, Bette Midler playing Winifred, and Kathy Najimy playing Mary. The other main characters are as follows: Max played by Omri Katz, Dani played by Thora Shaw, and Allison played by Vinessa Shaw. A well-known track that is featured in this film is the song, “I Put a Spell On You”. It is sung by Winifred, who is played by Bette Midler, and has become a popular song for Halloween time.

This movie is well-loved for its notorious cross between a family fantasy film, comedy, and horror-drama making it the PERFECT Halloween movie. Kenny Ortega directed this one-of-a-kind masterpiece which eventually became a cult-classic due to its largely annual airings on Freeform. It is the perfect family film for all ages to celebrate the Halloween season.

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